Time Travel

Topics: Time travel, Future, Time Pages: 3 (875 words) Published: October 16, 2012
Tien La
Mr. Frederick

Time travel is one of the most interesting topic in science fiction. Time travel is usually depicted in movies such as "Back to the Future," "Time Machine," or Star Trek, you will see people hopping in strange machines or using a device that will take them back and forth through time. At one point almost every kid's dream or science fiction fanatic's vast imagination consist of some sort of time traveling to change their past or to go to the future. Time travel can fulfill our dreams of going back to the past and meeting a inspirational hero or reliving a historic event.

There are many reason for why humans would love to time travel one day. You can change the past or relive a very important moment or if you are really curious go into the future. In class we watched a time travel episode where a woman who was kidnapped and raped in her teens, went back in time and killed serial killers/rapist who had been convicted and executed in the present. In theory she is killing these serial killers before they have yet to kill or maybe even think about killing someone. In the end she killed 20 men and saved 85 women. However, I believe this is morally wrong and was unjust for her to do it. She killed these men who have not killed or maybe even think about killing anyone yet to change the present. It would have been just if she actually try to change their mind about killing the victims. If you could persuade them in not killing their victims than that would have been much better, rather than killing them when they were innocent.

If I could time travel I would least likely to go back to the 1930s-40s. This was when World War 2 started, a weapon of mass destruction was launched, and the largest genocide occurred, The Holocaust. A number of new technology and ideology came forth which made the war and each nation much more deadlier, for example the German Blitzkrieg, Concentration Camps, Japanese Kamikaze, and the deadliest weapon of...
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