Tiger Moms

Topics: Mother, Parent, Childhood Pages: 3 (874 words) Published: May 6, 2013
Danielle Bolin
Mrs. Bradley
English 102
17 April 2013
Tiger Mom
Growing up as a child in any activity you decided to take on you learn that your parents always stress the concept of practice makes perfect; if it’s practicing your flute, or throwing baseballs with a friend, or shooting free throws in the driveway. The more time and effort you put into some activity you enjoy, the better you will be ultimately making you enjoy it even more. In some cultures this concept of practice makes perfect is taken to up most extremes. The most famous mother to practice these extreme rules is Yale Law professor Amy Chua better known as Tiger Mom.

This idea became public when Chua wrote the article “Why Chinese Mothers Are Superior” for the Wall Street Journal, in which she discussed her strict mothering ways or btter known as “Tiger Mothering”. To American’s these concepts that are involved in this type of parenting seem extreme. The idea that Chua makes her daughters practice piano for long supervised practices so that they can master the piano seems a little extreme. As a child I to played the piano, and I practices up to 30 minutes a day,so the thought of having to practice hours on end seems a bit crazy. Tenacious practice upon more practice is needed for excellence, which is something that American children lack. With the hard work comes the praise, which makes all the practice worthwhile, because when you finally become proficient in something it makes you enjoy it. Everyone loves and enjoys something their decent at.

The difference between me and Amy Chua daughters now is the fact that I no longer play piano because my parents let me quit when I no longer found it fun. But if my parents had been more like Chua with her strict ways, I might have found the piano more enjoyable after all the practice and finally mastering it. This is a big drawback with the American styles of parenting. Parents no longer make children do something they do not find fun. They...
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