Three Easy Steps for a Successful Fundraiser

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Three Easy Steps for a Successful Fundraiser
Linda Arthur
American Intercontinental University

The following essay will demonstrate how to conduct a successful fundraiser the easy way. Included will be a step by step process on how to determine what your charity needs, how to get the donations and pledges you need from local businesses, and how to achieve a suitable turn out for your charity event.

Three Easy Steps for a Successful Fundraiser

There are three easy steps to achieving a successful fundraiser. Fundraisers are great way to help out local organizations that do not receive government funding and need all the donations and volunteers they can acquire. The three necessary steps to make any fundraiser a success is 1) determining what your charity of choice’s exact needs are, 2) establish where donations will come from, and 3) verify pledges and confirm attendance. The following paragraphs will explain these three painless techniques to make any fundraiser a sensation.

The first step to pulling off an easy and profitable benefit is to know exactly what your charities needs are. The best way to do this to get in touch with the organization and ask them what areas they need help with. For example, a local animal shelter may need shampoo for the animals or volunteers to come help walk all the dogs. Do some extra research on your own as well. By looking online to see what reviews people have posted you will gain some insight on where you think this company could benefit from your fundraising efforts Secondly, determine what local businesses and groups also have an interest in your charity of choice. This will be the best place to start asking and calling around for donations. Although some businesses will not want to donate money, these businesses will sometimes provide you with services which could include a venue for you to hold your charity event, free advertising for you on radio or news stations. It is also possible to get free...
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