Three Day Diet Analysis

Topics: Nutrition Pages: 2 (573 words) Published: June 22, 2013
I know I am not a very healthy eater. I may be small, but I eat a lot of foods that are not good for me. I especially noticed this while filling out the worksheet for the past three days. My actual diet is very different from the daily amounts that I should be receiving from each of the food groups.

Out of the five main food groups I receive the most grain intake. The recommended amount is 6 oz and I ate 11.5 oz in one day. In the same day I consumed .25 cup of vegetables, 2 cups for dairy, and .5 oz of protein. All of these amounts are lower than what is recommended for me. I am suppose to be eating 1.5 cups of fruit and I did not get any.

To get the correct amount of nutrients, my style of eating would definitely have to be changed. First of all, I should cut down half of my grain intake. Also, while eating grain I should try to eat more whole grains. Only 5% of the grains I consumed were whole grains. Also, with lunch and dinner I should include more vegetables. It would also be a good idea to include some vegetables for snacks. I need to drastically change how much fruit I get. I rarely buy fruit and therefore I do not get the nutrients from fruits that I need. Fruits can also be a great form of snack. I am closer to the amount of dairy I should be getting but still under by a cup. I could choose to drink a glass of milk with dinner instead of the glass of Coke I generally get. I am pretty low with proteins as well. I got .5 oz today and should be getting 5 oz. I generally do not get enough because I eat a lot of pizza and pasta and therefore I do not always get the right amount of protein. I should make sure to include them more in my diet.

One food I eat a lot of is pizza. One slice of pepperoni pizza contain 265 calories. There are 12 grams of fat in the slice. Also, one slice contains 28 grams of carbohydrates, 12 grams of protein, and 2 grams of fiber. Another food I ate today was Cocoa Puffs cereal for breakfast. One cup of this cereal has 120...
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