Thomas Paine

Topics: Semantics, Analogy, Metaphor Pages: 1 (297 words) Published: October 29, 2014
Choose two words from Thomas Paines first paragraph that have strong connotative meaning. Explain why Paine chose each word. What emotion/thought/image was he trying to evoke by its use --- Tyranny and Celestial have strong connotative meaning. Paine chose each word to compare and contrast 2. Quote one emotional appeal from Paines text and explain how it appeals to ones emotions. 3. Thomas Paine uses metaphors within his speech. List one and explain its meaning. 4. Paine uses Biblical references in his work. What could this use of Biblical allusions imply 5. Paine uses strong images to evoke ideas and connections. The speech opens with the images of the sunshine patriot and the summer soldier. Are these images appropriate Why or why not What connections can be drawn about a summer soldier and a winter soldier Find another example of a strong imagery. 6. Persuasive writers often use analogies to draw connections between two things that have similar characteristics. Paine uses an analogy that connects the King of Britain with a common housebreaker (burglar or thief). What point is he trying to make using this analogy Find another analogy that Paine makes in this work. 7. Where in The Crisis does Paine reaffirm the Puritan belief that America is divinely guided 8. In the third paragraph, Paine uses his own experience to argue a point. What point does he make in telling his readers about the tavernkeeper at Amboy Y, i-qN3 (f4Av2l_j-OQ ev)Ur-@V4EjzNp PL52 1w/AXE6NGUOsVBLy_xPiBIO1k9IcLHYv7aEh,8q4WqnogA8f2)QHxK Zz)MSm@7wP3EBU1OC5V8UU37a NDoutWa4(F qp69MDO,ooVMM_U7eoN6

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