Thomas Jefferson

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Appendix D

Two-Party Politics

Part 1: Matrix

Complete the matrix by describing the beliefs and ideals of each of the parties.

Generate a list of at least 10 of President Jefferson’s decisions and actions. Decide which party’s ideals are most aligned with the decision or action and provide an explanation of why the decision or action aligns with that party.

Decisions and Actions
Democratic-Republican Party’s Beliefs and Ideals
Federalist Party’s Beliefs and Ideals
The Size of the government was reduced
The decision was supported by Democratic and Republican as they wanted a smaller government Federalist didn’t support his decision as they wanted a larger and more stronger government Louisiana Purchase

Allowed them to lighten their grip on the nation so they were not opposed. Strongly opposed the purchase, favoring close relations with Britain over closer lies to Napoleon, and were concerned that the US had paid a large sum of money just to declare war on Spain Lewis and Clark Expedition

Through this would establish relationships with the natives. Wanted to learn more about the Natives in the west. Felt that exploring what was to the west of them would ruin what they had established in the east. The Embargo Act 1807

To Force Britain to reconsider on the American trade by prohibiting their goods from being shipped Was to stop all trade during Jefferson’s second term.
Abolition of slave trade
It opposed to the political power of slavery rather than slavery itself Wanted to continue slave trade.
Military academy established
Opposed federalist polices if high tariffs, a navy, military spending, national debt and banking Resources to explore and expand
Less Formality
Form of dress code. They stood for the less wealthy
Believed in keeping an elegance in the white house and worn a more formal attire. The Legality of Partisanship
Want to reassess the judges.
The senate refused to convict federalist judge...
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