They Looked at Each Other and Smiled Meaningfully.

Topics: Toilet, English-language films, Outhouse Pages: 4 (1160 words) Published: June 23, 2013
1. Write a story ending with: They looked at each other and smiled meaningfully.

He was running down the corridor and his only concern was getting there. He could not control his bladder any longer and deep in his heart, he was cursing softly. The toilet timetable was a pain and he told himself that he would fight to voice his frustration. Nobody could blame him if he were to leave a trail of urine before he could get there in time. The smell of ammonia was getting closer and it was such a relief. At that moment of panic, he thought of what one of the teachers had always advised sarcastically – diapers!!

As he was about to enter one of the cubicles, he felt a sudden push on his back. It was so unexpected that he lost his balance and fell face down and to his horror, his face was right in the toilet bowl. He was too shocked and stunned to react. Suddenly he heard laughter in the quiet of the toilet.

The voice was very familiar and suddenly he realized that he was again the butt of somebody’s prank. Oh yes….he hated him so much. He was unable to get away from his taunting and practical jokes ever since he joined the class.

He gave himself a push to get up on his feet. Then, he realized that his pants were wet. His bladder had given way to cause him the mother of all embarrassment. His cheeks were hot and tears started to well up. He had never been so humiliated before. Right in front of him, the bully was rolling with laughter. That moment brought a surge of blind fury and he charged at the big pest and gave him a punch right on his nose. He could not imagine how he could pluck up such courage to get even with the bully. He felt so satisfied when he heard a yell of pain.


What happened next was the sound of blows and muffled sounds. Suddenly, there was the sound of footsteps and the cracking of a cane on the wall. The two of them were torn apart and right in front of their eyes was the principal and a few...
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