There Is More to Life Than Having Everything

Topics: Meaning of life, World, Earth Pages: 2 (384 words) Published: September 7, 2013
There is more to life than just having everything

What use is a sword if you use it to peel apples? What use is a boat if you sail in it in a swimming pool. And what use is a life you waste it chasing worldly illusions?

History remembers those who do, not those who have. You can possess all the wealth in the world and yet be the poorest of all. For man's identity stems from his emotions and his characters, not his mortal possessions. Of course, in today's materialistic world, where success has become synonymous with the number of cars you drive and the amount of money in your Swiss Bank Accounts, it seems that to have everything is indeed what life is all about.

Man has become a slave to brands. Consumerism is the ultimate dictatorship that governs the earth. Nike's swoosh and the three stripes of Adidas are valued far more than human lives lost everyday. You're a social outcast if you're not flaunting an iPhone or a Macbook! We no longer buy what we need, but instead, just to own and flaunt the trendiest of gadgets and accessories, we make up our own superficial demands!

But is this what life was supposed to be about? Living in a worthless, inescapable rut and then dying quietly with our materialistic possessions?

NO. Mankind was meant to do more. We were meant to inspire good, and that is the reason we sit on top of the evolutionary ladder.

It is time we stop craving more. IT IS TIME WE GIVE BACK.

Why does being human always direct and is pointed towards having the prized possessions of the world. Why does the hero have to be the one with the bucks, bikes and babes?

Real joy is found in service, for example: Mahatma Gandhi and Mother Teresa served a cause and are now worshipped by a billion.

The simplest plaesures of life are free. Honeslty, how many of us here wake up to see the bright sun. Or rather how many of us value our sense, our vision to see this beautiful world, to touch, to taste, to feel.

Let us value our abled...
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