Happiness Is the Only Goal in Life Worth Working for

Topics: Utilitarianism, Hedonism / Pages: 4 (754 words) / Published: Nov 6th, 2012
Happiness is the only goal in life that is worth working for. How far do you agree?

As individuals we work in life to achieve many goals we desire, at times we work for them to any extent. These goals can take form physically or mentally and can bring great intellectual or spiritual developments. Happiness is seen as the major and most important emotion us humans seek for, it is what provides us with our ‘desired’ pleasures. However for some individuals they may argue that this view is too hedonistic and that life should encompass many other important goals, thus making it unworthy and is seen as a futile goal.

Bentham, founder of ‘utilitarianism’, would certainly agree with this statement as according to him, every moral decision should be based on the “greatest good for the greatest number.” Also Bentham’s act of utilitarianism emphasises ‘ends over means’ this is where the result or the consequence of an act is the real measure whether if it’s good or bad. Therefore, in this respect, Bentham would argue that the happiness of the majority is the only goal in life worth working for. Additionally, further evidence that supports this view is found in the Hedonic Calculus. This strongly supports the proposed statement as the hedonic calculus has a purpose for weighing up the pain and pleasure (happiness) in each moral decision in life and consequently finding the best option according to which decision produces the most happiness (pleasure) and the least pain. Clearly, this is strong evidence that
Utilitarian’s always have the goal to produce happiness and pleasure from their actions, and consequently, this suggests that happiness is the most important goal in life for them; this is a consequencialist approach. Utilitarianism consists of two more parts, motivation and the principle of utility. Bentham argues that human beings are motivated by pleasure and pain, meaning they are more likely to move towards pleasure (happiness) and more away from pain. He

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