Theory Paper Based on Boyz N' the Hood

Topics: Criminology, Sociology, Subculture Pages: 3 (1007 words) Published: March 22, 2009
The film Boyz ‘n the Hood, directed by John Singleton is more than just a Hollywood blockbuster. The film incorporates numerous criminological theories and also demonstrates the concepts of conformity and deviance. This paper will analyze the characters of Tre, Ricky, Doughboy, Furious and other friends and family and show how criminological theories and the concepts of conformity and deviance play a part in their lives. The Learning Approach/ Social Learning Theory

Edwin Sutherland’s theory of Differential Association theory is about an individual learning criminal behaviour through interaction with intimate groups. His theory includes four modalities, which are frequency, duration priority and intensity. Sutherland’s theory is seen in many scenes in the film. Even though Doughboy and Ricky are brothers that live in the same house, with the same mother and in the same neighbourhood they are both very different. While Doughboy is seen as being deviant, Ricky is portrayed as being goal-oriented and an individual that adheres to the norms of society. Doughboy is seen spending most of his time with his friends Chris, Dooky and a few others whereas Ricky spends most of his time with Tre. The four modalities can be incorporated into these relationships that Doughboy and Ricky have. Doughboy frequently hangs out with the same friends all the time, and is exposed to their knowledge on norms and values and he adapts to those norms and values and because that bond is so intense and they are a priority to him he like them has learnt criminal behaviour. The cumulative effect of the four modalities can also be seen with Ricky. Except that he is most frequently around Tre which is a positive value on his norms and values. His mother is also a very great influence on him and teaches him positive norms and values Subcultural Theories

Stanley Cohen’s concept of the folk devils can be seen incorporated in several scenes of the movie Boyz ‘n the Hood. This can be compared to...

Cited: Singleton, John. Writer and Director¨ (1991) Boyz N the Hood. Culver City, California: Columbia
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