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I faced a task of reviewing “American Gangster” a movie based on a true story about an African American gangster Frank Lucas and his lives endeavors with his day-to-day drug operation in Harlem New York in the late 60s. The movie is also a record of his family as well as others that suffered from the many types of psychological disorders. The psychological disorders that will be reviewed in this paper pertaining to the characters and how they are influenced by their environment. How they are influenced by the powers of Frank Lucas and not even realizing that they’ve falling to his powers. How the nature in which they are cared for affected them as well as the effect of the stress, which caused them to result in drugs and alcohol. These are a few behavioral and social culture concepts that will be reviewed in this paper.


So in the movie “American Gangster” memory played a very important role to the character Frank Lucas. One memory that he refers to is when he was 5 years old and his 12-year-old cousin got pulled out of the house and tied up to a tree in North Carolina by the police. They then shoved a shotgun in his cousin’s mouth hard enough to break 2 teeth, and then the police shot him in the head. I think this memory was a very strong start to his distrust and disdain towards the police. Another memory of his was a good memory. To please his mother he had her room recreated from his memory from when he was 5. In so much detail as to have furniture special made to exact details including drapes and blankets and design. Obviously this was a strong enough memory that he could recall all the details. He also used memory in his business practices. He remembered who still owed money to Bumpy his now deceased boss and exactly how much.

Frank was nurtured by Bumpy his mentor. In the Movie there was a scene where during thanksgiving Bumpy went to one of the communities in Harlem and passed out turkeys. As Frank became this powerful man there


was a scene that showed him going back and giving out turkeys to that same community as his mentor Bumpy. This show that the nurture that he

received from Bumpy effected him. He was also nurtured that family is very important. This is what led Frank to move his whole family from North Carolina to New Jersey. This is what also led him to introducing his younger brothers as well as his nephew to the drug industry. Frank was nurtured to believe that you respect and love your mother. At one point in the movie when Frank was full of himself he was talking down to his mother. She then slapped him and told him that everyone would leave him including her, you could see the hurt that this caused Frank.

In the movie “American Gangster” we’re going to show that the character Frank Lucas had a high level of intelligence by his ability to learn one from his mentor Bumpy so that he learn how the process of a gangster would work in Harlem in the late 60s. Frank spent 15 years as Bumpy driver so he was able to understand concepts how the whole process would work, where to get the drugs from, how to conduct business with the Italians, fellow competitors, friends and family. When Frank’s mentor


Bumpy passed away suddenly the intelligence of Frank realized there was a void that needed to be filled. Frank realized that the Harlem gangs drug industry was up for grabs. So Frank came up with a plan to take up the responsibilities and business of Bumpy. His plan was to find a better product to gain control and maintain a trade name or brand name to run the Harlem drug industry. Frank found the better product by collaborating with another family member who was in the military in Vietnam to find a...
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