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Jessica Channell
Mrs. Zanfini
English 10
December 17, 2012
Critical lens

“...although the world is full of suffering, It is also full of the overcoming of it.” Helen Keller, Optimism 1903

The quote by Helen Keller means even if the world is full of suffering, there is those people that try to get over the fact that it is. One might say lets take the bad of the situation and make it good and that is what the quote means, the hero must take the forces larger than him and be optimistic to overcome them. One may agree with this quote because its takes place in both books Tale of Two Cities by Dickens and Julius Caesar by Shakespeare. In both of the novels the main characters Lucie and Brutus are trying to purify their lives by trying to push the forces larger than them away.

In the tale of two cities, Lucie is personified as the “golden thread” meaning that she is going to weave through the people in her life and try to help them. Its ironic that Lucie is characterized by being called the golden thread when Madame Defarge is sewing a hit list. One might also think she is characterized as heroic, not because she actually saved people as in healing them physically but some mentally. Her father is an example of this, he was locked in a cell for almost 18 years and came back calling himself his cell number. One may say she was called the golden thread because every person in her life was influenced by her. Sydney Carton is another of who she influenced and purified by Lucie. he was known for being not a very good person then giving his life for the person that mentally saved him. The one thing Lucie couldn’t control was the war, it was bigger than her It was something she couldn’t help or purify the people. The overcoming of all her suffering was based on people and setting. In the event of a window in the jail cell, Dickens created this as an escape for Lucie to see her. There he uses setting, It is a way that she can get past what is going on and just...
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