Topics: Jesus, Haitian Vodou, Holy Spirit Pages: 3 (704 words) Published: December 7, 2013
According to James Brain, why is witchcraft feared and what does witchcraft symbolize in terms of past and present attitudes toward women? Witches represent people's deepest fears about themselves and society & power and authority by denying sex, food, or nurture by outright disobedience.

What does the anthropological category witchcraft refer to, and how did the word ‘witchcraft’ gain its negative image? The denigration of the body & it gain it's negative image simply b/c of “witches” believed to do and to be everything that is the reverse or normal and right.

Explain James Brain’s hypothesis regarding why some societies have witchcraft and others do not. Date shows that in societies with total mobility and little attachment to property have no fears of witchcraft, while societies with considerable mobility but some attachment to property have beliefs of witchcraft.

What is the function of revitalization movements?
Attempts by members of society to construct a more satisfying culture by rapid acceptance of a pattern of multiple innovations.

What is the impetus for them?
Epidemic disease, wars, invasion, internal conflicts among interest groups.

Explain the revitalization movement process in brief. What is the root reason that groups like the Cargo Cults of Melanesia repeatedly attempted revitalizations after having failed on prior attempts? As society raises high levels of aspiration, some members are unable to make possible the reliable satisfaction. This creates a cultural crisis within all society members. Some society members use religious principles to cope with this crisis. The expectation that the ancestors soon will arrive in a steamship, bearing a cargo of the white man's goods, and will lead a revolution from the ejection of European masters.

Explain the genesis (origin) of and the impetus (driving force) for the original Holiness movement. Simple, poor, white people formed the group simply based on the gospel of...
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