Friendship in Number the Stars

Topics: Friendship, Nazi Germany, English-language films Pages: 1 (549 words) Published: January 9, 2015
Number The Stars Unit Exam
In the book, Annemarie and Ellen would definitely agree with Helen Keller’s quote because Annemarie and Ellen went through the German occupation times together and never gave up on each other. Annemarie and Ellen had a great bond and did many sacrifices for each other. They would rather be with each other in dangerous events than be safe and alone. In the book, they demonstrate that kind of strong friendship by doing very brave and remarkable things in many scenes in the book. For example, when Nazi soldiers inspect Annemarie’s apartment, Annemarie makes a risk to help Ellen take off her Star of David even with soldiers approaching them. This can show that Annemarie is willing to help a friend in danger rather than be alone in safety. She helped a friend in danger rather than being alone in comfort. (p.43_45) There was another time when Annemarie for the sake of the Jews went alone in the deep forest to deliver the package to Henrik to help the Jews escape. On the road, Annemarie was all alone and met tall soldiers. Their nasty faces looking down at her with terrifying big eyes. The package arrived in Uncle Henrik’s hands just in time for him. The package she delivered contained a special made handkerchief that could ruin the dog’s smell when it gets close. (p.110) That was an essential part in the Jews escape for freedom. The handkerchief not only saved so many lives it also helped many unfortunate people to have freedom and to be able to explore this beautiful world. The handkerchief was a very important item for the escape. Luckily Annemarie delivered the package and saved not only her best friends family, she also brought a whole religion’s hopes up. By going through the forest and risking her life for others, she showed great sacrifice for Ellen and showed a great bond of friendship. By putting herself at a great risk, Annemarie clearly demonstrates that she would rather take the great risk for her friends than be...
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