The Wolf Of Wall Street Film Analysis

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The movie “The Wolf of Wall Street” is a true story on the life of a stockbroker, Jordan Belfort which first take place in 1987. By ways of scamming or illegally selling shares, and his coworkers make so much money they had to hide it across the world. Debauchery and drugs are only few challenges Jordan faces in his time of fame and fortune. Similarly, an excerpt from the reading “Ragged Dick” by Horatio Alger, a man goes through the same change in life. In many scenes in the movie Jordan is framed in ways that promote his power. Because of his quick success Jordan goes through many phases in just a short period of his life.
In 1987, Jordan starts off his career as a stockbroker on Wall Street, quickly losing his job after just one day when the stock market...

Jordan and his apartment neighbor, Donnie Azoff, decide to hirer a few friends who have experience in sales, dealing mostly with weed, to start their own company they call Stratton Oakmont. The number of employees quickly tripled, as did their sales by ways convincing people to spend large amounts of money on no-good stocks. Jordan first got his famous name after an issue in Forbes Magazine refers to him as the Wolf of Wall Street, which only increased his publicity even more. Jordan and his friends became so tremendously wealthy and spent loads on parties, prostitutes, and drugs. Through the beginning of Jordan’s career his wife, Teresa, was supportive but timid about Jordan’s ways of scamming people. They end up divorcing after she discovers his affair with a woman named Naomi, whom he marries and has a child soon after. Jordan soon begins to obtain his money illegally, and notices the FBI is watching his back. He turns to Naomi’s Aunt Emma and his friend Brad’s wife and in-laws to hide money in a bank in Switzerland. Aunt Emma and the wife and in-laws, have citizenship in other countries, therefore they are not a target for American agents. When Two of his...
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