Annie Hall Film Analysis

Topics: Woody Allen, Diane Keaton, Annie Hall Pages: 4 (1373 words) Published: May 4, 2013
Annie Hall considered as Woody Allen’s greatest movie which was released in 1977 shows the story of a failed romance. Starring Woody Allen himself and Diane Keaton the movie represents Allen’s own personal. This movie was a completely different idea of Allen from other movies since all other Allen’s movies are always filmed in a way to seem as laugh machines in which you would laugh all the way through it. Annie Hall interprets the love and the need of workout n a failure of relationship but all of this is treated in a comic way, in a way that would move the audience, make them cry at the end of the movie. Annie Hall has a self-absorbed humor and romance theme with both characters having insecurities, Alvy in his sexual life and Annie on her intelligence, which is a cause that drives their relationship into its demise. Woody Allen’s character in the movie is Alvy Singer who is a Jewish comedian that represents Allen’s personal life as a comedian. The movie starts with Alvy’s flashbacks into his childhood which lets the audience to get to know him as a character more, knowing that the goal of the movie is to tell a story for the characters that enrich the plot of the whole story. His flashback set him up as a pessimist who throughout his life had little luck in relationships or sexual interactions. So from the very beginning of the movie it is clear that he has a low self-esteem, pessimism and failure to succeed in love. Alvy and Annie showing up as a couple first lead the audience from the very beginning to have a view on how their relationship started to fall apart. Of course it is shown through Alvy’s perspective on this relationship thus the movie is filmed more on his unending loneliness than it is on love. This relationship is a fragile one which is plagued by insecurities of both characters. Annie also appears to be insecure in the movie being anxious and nervous at the beginning of it. There is a particular scene where they are in a balcony sharing a...
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