The Wise
Topics: Old age, Middle age, Gerontology, Wisdom, Elderly care / Pages: 10 (2361 words) / Published: Aug 11th, 2013

“Wise Old Woman” By Yoshiko Uchida
* Young lord (of village) * Grandmother * Young villager * Lord Higa * Wise Old Men
* The setting is In the Mountain and in the Village in the western hill of Japan
* Elders being exiled to the mountains to die at the age of 71 * Mother of young villager needs to make a decision about his mother * Lord Higa threatens the village * Many long years ago, there was a cruel ruler who thought old peoples should be banished and should not be lived. So he make a low that is anyone who is over seventy-one must be banished from the village and left in the mountain. The ruler was strict and gives harsh punishment anyone who disobeys him so no one disobeyed him. Except for one. The young man didn't let his mother die in the mountain. He kept his mom secretly. But unfortunately, another ruler went to their village to conquer. Another ruler was also cruel so before he conquers them, he gave villagers three hard tasks. So the villagers thought each other to find the answer but they couldn't. Finally, the young farmer asked to his old mother. Every time he asks, his mother gave him a right answer. So because of the young farmer's old and wise mother, the villagers could be existed and not be conquered from others. In the end, the evil ruler of the village realizes the need for older people and noticed older people are wise and have more experiments then any others. Finally, he deleted his law!
* The Wise Old Woman many years ago the was an arrogant and a cruel young lord who ruled over a small village in the western hills of japan , who thought that the old people are neither useful nor able to work for living so he ordered the villager that the one who's parents turn over the 71 years they have to take them to the mountains to be banished and die and he said too that who will not do the rule will be arrested and go to the mountains too and there

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