The Use of Technology or New Media in Advertising:

Topics: Advertising, Marketing, Internet Pages: 4 (1227 words) Published: July 8, 2011
The use of Technology or new media in advertising:

No longer do we see brands being built around a 30 second commercial. In the past there have been many brands such as Coke that have gained establishment and success by pioneering the 30 second commercial but this scenario has changed overtime. Today because of the fragmentation in media a new generation of advertising is been seeing. Changing and improving technology is enabling advertisers to tell their stories in an effective and customized way other than the traditional way of advertising. Brands like Google have achieved immense exposure and value through very little traditional advertising. There are many reasons that have led to immense use of technology and new media today. Lifestyle - Our busy lives give us very less time to spent watching television or read newspapers. We spent most of our time at work or home in front of the computer. We also have gadgets like smart phones, tablet PC’s that keep us connected to work at all times. The few hours that we get for ourselves are spent with family or socializing. Such changes in our lives have changed our ways of getting information through the internet or cell phones. Internet is increasingly becoming a part of our society since some years now and is driving agents and companies to double their efforts towards this fad. Television which was once the best medium to advertise is now more of a luxury medium. Hundreds of TV channels, increasing clutter, internet, smart phones and other gadgets have caused traditional mediums to become less attractive. However the growing internet worldwide and the change in people’s mindset have made internet the most appealing channel of advertising. New technologies also have an advantage of being relatively inexpensive over traditional media. These low costs of new media and increased accessibility have changed the landscape of advertising today.

Advantages of the practice:
1.Advertisers can easily avail consumer...
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