The Universal Creative Force Analysis

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The loud, annoying buzzing of the alarm clock went off at 6:15 a.m. Alex was forced to awaken from a shallow, restless sleep state. He pushed the snooze button and pulled the bed sheet up over his face. After a few moments he began to attain more mental clarity and immediately experienced inner turmoil and deep frustration as he realized that today was Monday, the start of another long dreary work week at a job he greatly despised.
Then began his constant inner dialogue that was ever present in the back of his mind: “I don’t want to be doing this.” “I am so busy making a living that I don’t have time to have a life.” “I can’t stand the people I work with.”
Many years ago Alex had given up the goals and dreams of his youth. His passion back
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He learned that our subconscious mind attracts from the Universal Creative Force all the elements, circumstances, and situations that comprise our reality by what we focus on moment to moment during our waking hours. This is why it is so important to purify and renew our mind and our heart in order to be in alignment with the Universal Creative Force.
It now made sense to Alex how the fulfillment of our intentions is often encumbered by all sorts of emotional baggage. This includes such things as doubts, frustrations, worries, fears, grievances, jealousies, greed and feeling sorry for ourselves. Alex also understood how our loss of inner peace and certainty is what usually attracts situations and persons of lower energy vibrations into our life.
Alex spent some time reflecting on the nature of his own inner dialogue and realized that he himself was usually focused on negativity, mostly frustration about the present situation of his life; resentment and jealousy of those around him; and fear of the future. Alex learned that in order to counteract this, he must learn to go through his day fully present in each moment, fulfilling all his responsibilities with great awareness, serenity, acceptance and

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