The Toyota's Culture

Topics: Toyota Production System, The Toyota Way, Toyota Pages: 3 (661 words) Published: May 3, 2011
Toyota culture : Toyota Motor Corporation is considered as the world's largest automobile manufacturer . And Toyota’s culture is consider as one of the determinants of its success. Therefore Toyota culture is very famous. Specific Toyota’s culture is condensed The Toyota Way. The Toyota Way is a set of principles and behaviors that underlie the Toyota Motor Corporation's managerial approach and production system. It has two parts : 1 - The first part is called “ The Toyota Way 2001”. It consists of 5 principles in two key areas: continuous improvement, and respect for people. “ The Toyota Way 2001” is illustrated by the following house :

The Toyota Way 2001

We can realize that the Toyota Way 2001 house has two pillars are Continous Improvement and Respect for People. All Toyota members, at every level, are expected to use these values in their daily work and interactions. 1.1 - Respect for People is a broad commitment. It means respect for all people touched by Toyota including employees, customers, investors, suppliers, dealers, the communities in which Toyota operates and society at large. It has two sub-calegories : - Respect : we respect others, make every effort to understand each other, take responsibility and do our best to build mutual trust. - Teamwork : we stimulate personal professional growth, share the opportunities of development and maximize individual and team performance. 1.2 - Continuous Improvement is defined as “we are never satisfied with where we are and always improve our business by putting forth our best ideas and efforts”. It has three sub categories to complete the house : - Challenge : we form a long-term vision meeting challenges with courage and creativity to realize our dream. - Kaizen : we improve our business operations continuously, always driving for innovation and...
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