Purpose of New Challenges

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The purpose for agreeing realistic targets for work is to keep everyone on task and focused on accomplishing a target that is obtainable, not out of reach. This way, everyone can contribute effectively and reach targets efficiently instead of struggling to achieve the impossible. The benefits include fast and reliable compliance and completion of tasks at hand.

The purpose of agreeing and setting high standards for work assures that each person tries their hardest and always reaches for new heights. By setting a high bar there is no room for excuses, and the atmosphere in the workplace becomes one of excellent behavior and work completion. Everyone benefits from setting high expectations for themselves. Everything can be done better, faster, and more efficiently. There is never room for an "I can't" attitude. Striving for the best is the true meaning of excellence.

One can set high standards for work by putting 100% into every task at hand. By putting forth the best effort, only the best results can be produced. By challenging oneself in areas of weakness, self improvement is sure to follow.

The purpose of taking on new challenges shall they arise is vital to success. By not challenging oneself, the same pattern of mediocrity or self defeating attitude persists. One cannot grow without moving onto bigger, better, and more challenging ordeals. Thus the benefits are that of self growth opportunities and a gaining of new skills and confidence.

The purpose of adapting to change is to understand the world is always shifting. There is never a moment where circumstances and situations do not change. The benefits of adapting are great- new situations are not intimidating but opportunities to grow, and with change comes new ways to self discover and improve.

The purpose of treating others with respect, honesty, and consideration is to provide a hospitable environment. One cannot succeed alone- so often the help of others is required to complete an...
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