Compared Study, of the Cultural Organization, of Toyota and Ford.

Topics: Ford Motor Company, Corporation, Leadership Pages: 2 (370 words) Published: December 30, 2008
Compared Study, of the cultural organization, of Toyota and Ford.

Advantages and Disadvantages.

Executive Summary

We can see two different corporations in the automobile industries with different culture and different results. In these pages we can see five points 1.Guidance Management, 2.Alignment Leadership, 3. Decision Making, 4. Responsibility for the Problems and 5. Entrepreneurship, in each corporation and understand the importance of culture in the management.

The Japanese corporation, Toyota, with a stabilize performance, and excellent performance in the last two decades. In this analyses the people inside and outside and the relation with the involving place woo they are is carefully study and adapt. The long term of their approach in different perspectives make the difference. Small victories every days, the learn every day without hurry, the collaboration of all the employees, make one culture that put the Toyota the car leader of the world. The responsibility with the problems are al the team, the leader don’t appear, as the best or the “Salvador”. The culture of the team, the collaboration of all, make a huge different in the battle for the market. They learn more with the collaboration of all.

The American corporation, Ford, is quite the opposite of Toyota. In Ford we have since 2000 bad results, and in the last year it was necessary to send out 30.000 employees. What is the culture in this corporation? In first point, they want results, in the moment; there is no time to wait. The culture with press ion, the results is the first point. However the relations with the society, with the workers, have same inconvenience because we cant see so far as necessary too changes the culture and get back the goods results. Other point is how they built the relation and make a team worker. In this case is top dawn, with strong hierarchy. The...
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