The Three Advantages & Disadvantages of Collaborative Writing

Topics: Writing, Collaboration, Writer Pages: 2 (294 words) Published: January 22, 2009

Advantages of collaborative writing

1.Multiple Ideas: makes for a better story or for a collection of facts. Two or more people

can come up with facts from different stand points.

2.Proof Reading: Collaboration between two or more people can also come in handy when

it comes to making sure that the project has little to no errors.

Most writer have the ability to understand what they have written, but he or she can also

misread what’s writing by filling in worlds that are not actually on paper. The

second or third party can help with errors and or short comings of the lead writer of the


3.Professionalism of the project: Collaboration of two or more people on a writing project

could increase the professionalism of how the writing is structured. When one of the

writers falls short of words to quickly and professionally explain a subject, the next writer

could have just the right words to fit the bill.

Disadvantages of collaborative writing

1.Miscommunication of the facts: The collaborators can waist time arguing the point

instead of sorting out facts.

2.Providing false information: In a rush of completing a project; false information gathered by

the second party could go uncheck and mistaken as truth, because of the trust with in the

writing circle.

3.Not Contributing to the project: One of the collaborators could get lazy and not pull his

or her weight causing the main person to have to handle the work load alone, while the

other still share in the credit.

In what situations might an individual writing process be preferable?

When the writing requires person ideas and thoughts such as dissertations, resume, essays, and a

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