The Sustainability Megatrend (NZ)

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The Sustainability Megatrend

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To the Undergraduate Programme Manager,
In this report sustainability will be addressed as to how it has affected New Zealand, and it will be explained how the concept of sustainability is a megatrend. Sustainability is very important because we do not want to endanger or reduce the standard of living for consecutive generations (Wiley and Sons, 2010). Without basic resources such as air and water, there will surely be no life on earth in the future. Supply chains and globalized workforces have created pressure on the environment and in turn businesses. Sustainability has become an objective with which some organizations strive for such as the Sustainable Business Network. Sustainability will involve considering the long-term consequences of industry and production.

It will be explained why businesses develop sustainable practices, why sustainability is important to New Zealand and what the government and different organizations are accomplishing to make New Zealand sustainable. It will also explain New Zealand’s different industries that are environmentally friendly and on the way to being sustainable. New Zealand has a unique set of industries and organisations relied on for economic growth, most of which are having sustainable practices applied to.

This report will also take an insight into the right of development and sustainability of indigenous peoples and the challenges and opportunities faced when management is involved with human resource sustainability. Indigenous peoples have the right to develop and sustain their population, and human resource sustainability is essential gain competitive advantage in a demanding marketplace, as will be explained in this report.

Literature Search

‘The Sustainability Imperative’ by David A. Lubin and Daniel C. Etsy (2010) is an article about the concept of how sustainability is an emerging megatrend. Sustainability qualifies as a megatrend due to how environmental issues have gradually influenced businesses choices on value for customers, shareholders and stakeholders. Globalized work forces and supply chains have created environmental pressures that are unwanted by businesses as countries such as China and India compete for natural resources such as oil, which adds strain on the need to be sustainable. These issues have been increased by the mounting public and parliamentary concern. Consumers all over the world are looking for sustainable products and services because of these concerns. Thousands of companies are strategically implementing sustainable practices such as innovation in energy efficiency, pollution control, resource productivity and renewable power.

‘High Involvement Management and Human Resource Sustainability: The Challenges and Opportunities’ by Paul J. Gollan (2005) is an article about the challenges and opportunities of human resource sustainability. This article is putting forward the theory of how high involvement management can affect the sustainability of a business. Businesses are facing a struggle in competitive advantage in a demanding marketplace; customers and consumers are demanding a lot more than before, with higher quality products, cheaper prices and faster delivery. To meet these challenges, more pressure has been placed on management to increase the sustainability, efficiency and productivity of their organizations, as well as to reflect and show top management. High Involvement Management strategy involves procedures that promote...

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