The Storm

Topics: Marriage, Family, Wife Pages: 4 (1297 words) Published: March 10, 2009
Questions for Discussion

1.) How would you describe Bobinot? Is he a sympathetic character?

Bibinot I would describe as being a serious and responsible person from the way he was being described in Section I where he was taking shelter with his son away from the storm.

I believe Bibinot was a sympathetic character in the short story because of the scene when he was with his son coming home after the storm; he was very concerned of what his wife would think what had happened to them and also was worried that his wife would say something about them being so dirty, so the husband made sure they were somewhat clean before they entered the house.

2.) What kind of wife and mother does Calixta appear to be? Does anything strike you as unusual in her relationship to the father and son? Consider the way in which both Bobinot and Bibi see Calixta when they discuss her, and the way that Calixta talks about them to Alcee, as well as how she treats them on their return from town.

The kind of wife and mother that Calixta appear to be is a very loving and caring wife, which is shown near towards the end when the husband and son come back home and she greets them and is excited for the shrimp they brought back, even after she just committed adultery. I found one thing very unusual with the relationship between the wife and husband; when he brought the shrimp for her she just kissed him on the cheek and nothing else. Also during the beginning the son was very concerned about his mom’s well being while the father eased him down saying she could take care of herself. Either he really believed that or probably doesn’t care.

3.) Discuss the relationship between Calixta and Alcee. Does the author prepare the reader for the adultery that occurs, or is it a surprise? Is the incident itself shocking, or is it only Chopin’s explicit description that creates discomfort in the reader?

The relationship between Calixta and Alcee seemed too have occurred prior to...
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