Awakening Study Guide

Topics: United Nations Charter, Edna, Texas, Jackson County, Texas Pages: 6 (1746 words) Published: April 17, 2013
Section 1: Due Wednesday, March 8
Chapter I
1. What does the parrot say? What does it mean? How might these comments foreshadow what will occur in the novel? 2. Describe Leonce Pontellier. Specifically describe his reaction to the parrot, how he speaks to his wife, and his reaction to Mrs. Pontellier's question about dinner. 3. Describe the Pontellier children.

4. What is the role of the "quadroon"?
5. Who is Robert Lebrun? What is his part in this story? Chapter II
1. Describe Edna Pontellier. What does she look like? Where is she from? Where does she live now? 2. What is Robert Lebrun like? What are his plans for the future? Do you think he will ever follow through with his plans? Why, why not? 3. Describe Edna and Robert's relationship.

Chapter III
1. How does Leonce feel when he returns home?
2. How does he feel about Edna's mothering skills?
3. Why does Edna cry?
4. How do others feel about Leonce?
Chapter IV
1. What is a mother-woman? Why is Edna not one? Who is a mother-woman? 2. How is Edna different from Creole women?
Chapter V
1. How does Robert relate to women on the island?
2. How does Edna feel about sketching?
3. Do you think Adele faked fainting? Why,or why not?
Chapter VI
1. "A certain light was beginning to dawn dimly within her – the light which, showing the way, forbids it." Analyze the above sentence. What does the light represent? How does the light forbid as it compels? 2. What does Edna come to realize about her "position in the universe"? 3. What is the ocean's effect on Edna?

Chapter VII
1. How does Edna have an "outward life which conforms, and the inward life which questions"? 2. What does Edna blame her change upon?
3. How do Edna’s and Adele's outward appearances represent their inward lives? 4. How does Adele treat Edna's sadness? What does this say about her? 5. Describe Edna's sisters.

Chapter VIII
1. Why does Adele tell Robert that Edna is not one of them? 2. Who is Alcee Arobin? What stories does Robert tell about him? 3. Describe Robert's relationship with his mother.
4. How is Robert affected by the letter from Montel?
Chapter IX
1. Early in this chapter the parrot speaks, and the Farival twins play songs from Zampa. Why do you think Chopin repeats these events? 2. Again, Edna sees the ocean and remarks on its restlessness. How does the ocean reflect Edna's own feelings? 3. Describe Mademoiselle Reisz. How does Edna feel about her? 4. Describe the story Mlle Reisz's playing conjures for Edna. 5. How does Mlle Reisz's playing affect the audience?

Chapter X
1. Edna cannot swim. What are the implications, then, of her focus on the ocean? 2. "She wanted to swim far out, where no woman had swum before." Analyze the above sentence. List the different meanings it has for Edna’s life. 3. Why does Edna have an encounter with death?

Chapter XI
1. How does Leonce feel when Edna returns from swimming? 2. Now that Edna is awakening from a dream, how does her everyday life affect her? Chapter XII
1. Edna says, "He'd never be in bad humor if it weren't for me," referring to Leonce. Why does Edna think this? 2. Where are Robert and Edna going, and why is it unusual? 3. Describe Mariequita's encounter with Robert.

Chapter XIII
1. Where does Robert take Edna after they leave church?
2. Describe Madame Antoine and her life.

Section 2: Due Friday, March 11

Chapter XIV
1. Who took charge of Edna's children while she was on the island? 2. What doesn't Edna realize about herself?
3. What does Robert's song, "si tu savais" (if you knew), represent? Chapter XV
1. Describe Edna's reaction to hearing Robert is going to Mexico. 2. Does her reaction surprise you? Why, why not?
Chapter XVI
1. How does Mlle Reisz react to Edna?
2. Do you agree with...
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