Storm of Steel

Topics: Nazi Germany, World War I, World War II Pages: 4 (1485 words) Published: April 15, 2007
It's a fact, when talking on the subject of war, we presume that if the generals and country leaders didn't start them, they would by no means occur. In a book like Storm of Steel by Ernst Junger, though, there seems to be one more requirement, ready and enthusiastic soldiers. Junger would have probably preferred themselves "warriors" or barbarians. It's within this book that Ernst Junger tells the story of a man who describes and most likely believed that the battlefront of World War I was not a awful place to be, in fact that it was a quite magnificent place to be. Without a doubt, the reader can tell that Junger feels it was an honor to able to participate in Kaiser Wilhelm's war for the good of the Fatherland. Ernst Junger was simply an infantry fighter from World War I who never bent to the idea that the German army had been completely defeated and its crusade of conquest ending. He was injured numerous times, and still carried on and continued to fight armed and ready. Because of that perseverance in the name of the Fatherland and the glorification of his effort as portrayed in this book, it's obvious why it's a favorite in Nazi Germany. We start off with the young soldier going off into the glory of battle, but with a twist as he reflects back on what he remembers and makes his memories unfold. We can see that he enters the war with an adolescent outset of it all. The beginning of the book, however gloomy, informs us of this. It's extremely amazing to know that Ernst Junger lived to be 102, being the definitive survivor that he was. Bearing in mind the odds that it seemed that he would have never reached 20 at the rate he was being wounded in the story. Hurt over and over again in combat, one can only wonder how close did a bullet or a metal shard almost miss a vital organ that could've killed him had it just been an inch or two over. It's amazing how his fellow soldiers died to the left and right of him, yet he lived on and continued to thrive on the...
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