The Sports Shop System

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1.The sports shop system.

-This project is going to be used at the shop that sell the sports product like clothes in the point of sale 2. Objective of the sports shop system.

2.1 Customer that will register will have their own card number and the id, and the system will issue a pin for that particular customer. -It must update the stock into the system
-It should be able to search the product available.
-It must produce a report
-It must issue a slip to the customer
- The customer must be able to lay buy the clothes but there will be a condition of a month for the customer to pay the price and the penalties if he or she does not leave by that condition. -It should return the product if the customer made a mistake of size, color -The system should be able to list the total number of products and their prices when requested -It should be able to print the statement of the registered person at the end of each month. -Balance

2.2 Aims of the sports shop system

-It must save time of the customer
-Reduces errors
-To make our use case to operate the system more easier
-It must be simple and understandable.
-It must be able to return the product but under conditions
-The manager as one of our use case can be able to change records. -It should be able to show our stock control about the price -Cashiers must have their own passwords, to protect the business. -It should be able to satisfy the use case, e.g managers, cashiers, stock control, customer - Shift must be available.

3 Problem domain

-Unfaithful cashiers
-Slow process
-Password-cashier of he or she forgets
-most system we investigated are much more complicated and hard to use. Cash registers are an old technology too and are complicated to use, they have no functions of connecting devices that uses USB's such as barcode scanners etc, they are also tome consuming as users have to type in the price manually

5. Scope

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