DSC 340 Midterm

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URL Uniform Resource Locator
top level/ first level domain name com, edu, net, gov, mil, org, uk, au, us IP address Internet Protocol address
DNS Domain Name System; Domain Name Server
ISP Internet Service Provider
TLD top level domain
ICANN oversees domain name resolution system
router data-forwarder
domain name registrar leases domain names
Moore's Law chip performance/dollar doubles every 2 years
Microprocessor executes instructions of computer program
RAM random access memory; volatile = data lost if sudden loss of power ROM read-only memory
solid state electronics no moving parts; opposite of a hard drive; chip-based memory, is non-volatile non-volatile memory won't lose data if the power is off; flash-drive, ipod nano giga billion, 2&30

tera trillion, 2^40
peta quadrillion, 2^50
exa quintillion, 2^60
zeta sextillion, 2^70
SaaS Software as a service
SQL structured query language
CRM Customer Relationship Management
SCM Supply Chain Management
ERP Enterprise Resource Planning
Enterprise Software CRM, SCM, ERP, ect.
OLAP Online Analytical Processing
CLV Customer Lifetime Value
OSS Open Source Software
CDN Content Delivery Networks
CPM cost per thousand Impressions
API Application Programming Interface
VBA Visual Basic for Applications
O-O Object-Oriented
IDEIntegrated Development Environment

Chapter 2 Definition
computer hardware physical components of information technology-physically touch-computers, storage devices, networking equipment, and other peripherals (bottom layer of the cake) software computer program or collection of programs-set of instructions that tell the hardware what to do operating system collection of programs that control the hardware (next layer) applications end-user programs or complex programs that manage business's inventory, payroll, and accounting (top layer below users) user interface mechanism through which users interact with a computing device. Elements of the graphical user interface such as scroll bars and menus displayed firmware control programs stored on nonvolatile memory chips, usually read-only embedded systems special-purpose software designed and included inside physical product, often as firmware (can contact company when maintenance is necessary and help make products better in the future) platform products and services that allow for the development and integration of software products and other complementary goods desktop software applications installed on a personal computer-your browser, your Office suite, photo editors, and computer games are all desktop software enterprise software applications that address the needs of multiple, simultaneous users in an organization or work group software package software product offered commercially by a third party enterprise resource planning (ERP) software package the integrates the many functions of a business customer relationship management systems used to support customer-related sales and marketing activities supply chain management systems that can help a firm manage aspects of its value chain, from the flow of raw materials into the firm through delivery of finished products and services at the point-of-consumption business intelligence systems use data created by other systems to provide reporting and analysis for organizational decision making database management system software for creating, maintaining, and manipulating data (above the operating system, but under the enterprise applications) distributed computing when computers in different locations can communicate with one another server a program that fulfills the requests of clients (in a hardware context it's a computer that has been configured to support requests from other computers) (in software context it's a program that fulfills requests) client software program that makes requests of a server...
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