The Seventh Man Short Story

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The world would be a terribly dark place if having fun was something to be afraid of. Having a good time means different things to different people. Watching Tv, a quiet night in, an enjoyable dinner, or even climbing a dangerous mountain with your friend. This doesn’t mean that if someone chokes on their steak, they should pay the man who saves your life. It means that if one of those friends slip and fall, they shouldn’t have to be paid to get rescued. No one can put a price on being alive. Being held accountable for one’s actions during a life or death situation can put a great deal of pain on to the victim because of something that could have been out of their control. In The Seventh Man, a short story by Haruki Murakami, a boy loses his best friend in a tragic accident. For years and years afterward, he’s wrecked. The boy moves away from his family and grows up, but the event follows him as an adult. He never marries because of the night terrors this tragedy has given him, afraid of scaring the women away. The whole entire experience ruins him. Now, imagine the toll on his parents if they were given a bill for his rescue. If they, on top of worrying about their already …show more content…
However, these people signed up for this, just like the risk taker. They want to save lives, no matter the situation they have to walk into. They want to save these people, this is their job. They get paid to do this. Another argument is that saving people’s lives in a waste of money. Last time I checked, life was pretty high on the list before anything else. For most, staying alive is an everyday goal. How is it possibly a waste of money to save them? Yes, they did something that put themselves in danger but sometimes, the thought process gets jumbled up and it seems like a perfectly fine idea to climb a mountain or get stuck on a boat in the middle of the ocea. That doesn’t suddenly make their lives a waste of

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