The Selfish Giant

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The selfish giant.

“The selfish giant” is a short story by Oscar Wilde with the elements of fantasy and fairy-tales.

Oscar Wild, the author, is a famous Irish story-teller, playwright. A lot of stories show the mastery of Oscar Wilde’s story narrating skills. The Selfish giant is a bright example of his witty, intriguing and absorbing works.

The topic the author touches upon in a story is a theme. The story is about the unselfish love. The author reveals the Giant as a representative of the world. But the world is selfish and the author shows that a person living in such a world is miserable and unhappy. Such is the giant. But when he realizes that he is alone, nobody helps him and there is no life surrounding him, the Giant gets down to doing smth. Once the wall was torn down, life and laughter was all around. When the winter came and only one spot was like spring, the giant realized that the little boy had returned only to find him wounded. The giant recognized his sins and was ready to stand up for the by. Due to this the message of the story is quite clear: Good triumphs over evil. And it creates an atmosphere of a real fairy-tale.

The story is told in the third person narration. The reason the author uses this kind of narration is quite objective. He wants to relate the thoughts of all the characters: the giant, the children. The author becomes the omniscient. He moves freely in and out of the giant’s and children thoughts and comments freely on what these characters think and say.

The place where the action takes place constitutes the setting of a story. The global setting of the story is Britain at the beginning of the 20th century. The local setting is clearly shown. It is an amazing garden. And while reading the story a reader can imagine he lives there during winter and spring seasons.

The composition of “Selfish giant” is regular. All the events are described in a chronological order. Judging by the message of the...
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