Summary: God and Great Cold Land

Topics: God Pages: 2 (891 words) Published: April 18, 2013
1. One of the favourite gods of the Algonquin Indians was Glooskap. His name means ‘’ The Liar’’. When the Indians called him by this names it meant to pay him a very high compliment. He fought against monsters, the witch, giants, magicians etc. after that when his last victory pleased him mightily, and the next day he walked through the forest finding more evil creatures to destroy them. He entered the wigwam of an Indian but, the man was absent, and he saw his wife with her baby Wasis sucking piece of sugar. Glooskap told the women about his victories, she laughed aloud she dared Glooskap a creature her baby and, dared him you will never conquer him first time. He tried to talk to the baby, just ignored him that was very insulting, he grew up and rushed from the hut, when a baby cries ‘’GOO GOO’’ Indians say that he is remembering how Wasis successfully resisted the great god Glooskap. 2. In the north lay the Great Cold Land where the giant winter had his home. The winter travel to the southward and build his home in the land of elves of light, no one can bear the north wind. The elves of light ran away and hid themselves, the people who inhabited it found life very hard and were often hungry. The Elves of light had brave hearts, although they were so small, they bring just a gleam of light to help the people. The elves of light move a little farther to the north became the south land grew weaker everyday land without being attacked and driven back they were very sorry for the people they couldn’t help them until Glooskap came. One day, Glooskap in his ravels came to the great cold land. He saw a large wigwam. He went inside he found a mighty giant. They sat together and smoke a pipe filled with tobacco. 3. The great giant start telling him story after story then Glooskap fell into a heavy sleep. After six months, he awoke. At last, he reached a forest. When he looked down, he saw crowds of tiny people dancing. They lit up the shady forest....
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