The Security Dilemmas over Aegean Sea Between Turkey and Greece: “Do Fights”

Topics: Greece, Aegean Sea, Turkey Pages: 2 (421 words) Published: December 27, 2008
The Security Dilemmas over Aegean Sea between Turkey and Greece: “Dog Fights” Turkey and Greece have various security problems related with Aegean Sea caused by territorial sovereignty claims. Main problems are: Width of territorial waters: Both countries now possess 6 miles. But Greece insists unilateral expansion by 12 miles by claiming that was given it to by International Law of Sea. But 12 miles were seen as a war reason by Turkey. So Turkey doesn’t let Greece for 12 miles. Continental shelf problem: The tension started with Greece’s permission to oil exploration in Aegean Shelf Space and continued with the reaction of Turkey who did the same with Greece. Greece complained Turkey to International Court of Justice in 1976. But Greece was rejected and shelf space was defined as a problematic issue because both countries claimed sovereignty over it. Demilitarization in Aegean Sea: As we know demilitarization means the elimination of military activities. Disarmament of East Aegean Island was a decision of international treaties. But Greece claims that Aegean army was founded against to it and thus let arming in islands. In fact, this is a typical example of subjective security which is based on perceptions rather than actual events. Air Space Problems: Although Greece claims 10 miles for national air spaces, Turkey only allows 6 miles air spaces. As we see problems over Aegean Sea vary. These problems constitute a security dilemma in the region. I would like to give an example related with that issue: continuing “Dog Fights”. Dog Fights are provocations among the countries and a part of air space issue. There are conflicting interpretations of the rules about Flight International Regions set by ICAO. Turkish aircraft flies and Greece’s intercepts are examples of deterrence. The flies are threats made by both parties for preventing the opponent side from going further in the air spaces. As we know for a deterrence to be successful; there would both be a credible...
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