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By renuj08 Jan 16, 2014 1063 Words
A Reflection

“Human beings are living in great despair because they are not aligning themselves with the now. Think and act in the now. Live a life which is aligned to now.” – E. Tolle

Human beings are bombarded with a lot of things in life due to things that they think. These include the dreams, desires, worries and concerns that the human beings wanted to realize in the future which made them forget to live in the present – in the magical now. According to Eckhart Tolle, the so-called future has no actual existence. The only existence we call future has existed in our head. If there is a future, then somebody must have found it. Future is a conceptual thing only. We can only appear now – no such thing as future; it is a thought. This is the so-called the “mental label” that human beings are living in. Further, Tolle asserts that we need to think and act with what is needed NOW and should not be concerned with the future because future is a thought, it does not exist. The reality is that people really are concerned about what will be but they tend to forget that NOW is more important than what will be. In the words of Tolle, the purpose of life is two-fold – primary purpose and secondary purpose. Primary purpose doesn’t involve time. It is to be here fully to align yourself in this moment and to realize that wherever you are is what are you supposed to do; and whatever you are doing right now is to do what you are supposed to do. Human beings are living in great despair because they are not aligning themselves with the now. Think and act in the now. Live a life which is aligned to now. This “belief” of human beings about the beauty of the future blinded them to enjoy the precious moment of the now. They forget that they exist today, because they have their purpose in the now. True enough, human beings forget to live now because they dream of the distant future which they think is more beautiful and more promising, but they definitely are wrong, because the important things we do now make us productive today. Eckhart Tolle’s Discovering Your True Purpose helps us realize a new life purpose – to live in the now and act the way NOW requires us to act. To reiterate, the now requires us to be here and to fully align ourselves in this moment and to realize that wherever we are is what we are supposed to do; and whatever we are doing right now is to do what we are supposed to do. Applying the philosophical principle we need to do some kind of bracketing: we need to bracket for a while our “illusions of the so called future”. In effect, Tolle encourages all those who are living now to think more rather than just making a “thought.” This calls for human beings to see the now as an important element in the existence of a person – for what we do now is what we make the present. In effect, Tolle, in my point of view, asserts that we think what we can do now and concentrate in realizing our present primary and secondary purposes to become responsive to the given now. To give justice to the idea of the given now, human beings should live the moment: enjoy the present moment, appreciate it, and be aware of it. Tolle further asserts that human beings tend to become problematic in their existence because they forget to live and enjoy the present, they were blinded of their own illusion of the future, they were living in their wishful thinking and that they have not live according to the needs of the now. To paraphrase a part of Tolle’s speech: The experience of the human person in the now is the primary reality of his existence (just like the drinking of the water). Instead of thinking what the future brings to us, let the given now take its course in the making of the future for the reality of the future or even of the past were borrowed in the presence of the now. Future is a conceptual thing only. You can only appear of now – no such thing as future; it is a thought. We live in the now. Time (past and future) can only appear as a thought. Time cannot be experienced. We can only experience now. What you think is conditioned by your past. In this connection, the documentary film, The Secret, reveals the secret of Tolle’s idea of the now. I believe that the documentary film shows that what constitutes your given now reflects what was in the past and of what lies ahead in the future – the so-called Law of Attraction. We are what we think, we live a life based on the way we perceived it to be. Therefore, human beings are shaped by the way they think and on the way they perceived life to be. If they think unfavorably at this given now, the result will also be unfavorable situations and worst comes worst events. The human beings’ perspectives and viewpoints in life in their day – to- day life direct effect of what they think at the moment; feel at the now, and believe about life in general. Unfortunately the majority of people will argue that it is the other way around. If we believe that life is difficult, all the more that life will become unbearable; if we believe that life is a beautiful gift, then they become happier. Therefore, we are what we think, we live a life based on how we look about life in the present. The Secret as the title of a documentary film teaches us one important life lesson which was once a secret but is now revealed to all, let positive us be positive in all our dealings that we may enjoy the NOW and that we may realize the purposes of our existence. And to reiterate the title of my paper “THE SECRET IS REVEALED IN THE NOW!” the secret is to attract a positive energy and to realize the beauty of now by thinking, enjoying and doing the purpose of our existence.

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