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Future Life
My Life in the Future

Ornnicha Apibantanakij
US Culture
Professor Russell Clark
1 August 2014



Future Life
My Life in the Future
Time flies. It seems to me that only yesterday when I graduated my university. Life has been changing so rapidly since the time I was born, that it is probably impossible to give an accurate picture of the next century. However, it is interesting for me to try and anticipate the future, which I will never know what will happen. This essay will examine about our life in the future will it be better or worse to my life. First of all, as same as today, advances in science and technology have been the major source of change in recent decades. This trend will continue in the future because almost people dream of eliminating all sicknesses and wars, of colonizing space, of having machines do our work and spending most of our time on leisure activities, etc. Our life in mid-21 century will be improved in physical way. We will be more comfortable for example we will have robot that do every housework. Also we can have more time to relax ourselves. We have better medical science which mean we live better and longer.

However there are drawbacks in this advanced in science and technology. These developments will destroy our lives in some way. Such a crisis may result from the way we use and destroy environment in nowadays, following excessive pollution of the environment, a global nuclear war, some perverse use of genetic engineering, overpopulation. These problems will be harmful for human being. Therefore, our life in the future will have both negative and positive things in someway.

As globalization will become more prevalent in the future, economies, societies and


culture become integrated through communication, transportation and technology. This internationalization had lead to an increased...
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