I Am Who I Meant to Be

Topics: Family, Home, Chess Pages: 1 (317 words) Published: August 27, 2013
I am U Maalam M. Wisely,my name is came from the process of NUMEROLOGY, I have two siblings,one boy and one girl,I came from the family of ARTISTS that draws and paint imaginations of themselves.We are not rich but blessed from luckyness and health wellness of the family.

I was Born on January 22,1999 and blessed by a good motherfather,when I was born,my mother and father are so very happy,that makes me feel comfortable and always happy.My father and my mother are well-rounded citizens that used to control their self aspects of life.I am currently studying at R.Avancena H.S. which I like most.I am a believer and flexible in all aspects of life,I always use my mind in educational and important thigs.I like playing chess with my siblings,that is my hobby that makes me feel happy.I am not so disciplined but works out most of the time.I like to discover new inventions and advance ideas to the next generation.I am highschool now and I always study my lessons to finish my studying and find the jobs I want,something like White Collar Jobs.My Teachers are so very understanding and grateful and most of all I always get what they teach and I am happy for that virtue.I always help my mother in household chores and I also do my all-around responsibilities in home.

Me is my self I am responsible to the things that are happening in my life,so whatever comes,we cannot do anything better than accept it with all the thanks and gratitude,the law of life is love,and the moment we have anything,we will surely know what we can do best and definitely advance towards our goal.So in all probabilities, “Let’s illustrate the future we want”.
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