The Rules of Etiquette

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The rules of etiquette are a set of unspoken rules that have been determined by society as a whole. Etiquette rules aren`t the same in different countries. It is important for people to be familiar with the basic rules that are expected in all cultures. Now I want to tell you about the main rules of receiving guests. It can be an exciting and satisfying experience.  There are many ways to be a host/hostess without creating a great deal of stress.  When you are prepared and organized, you can enjoy the time together and make it a wonderful memory for everyone.   Think of how you like to be treated and pampered when you are a guest in a hotel, or someone’s home: a genuine and welcoming smile, a comforting word, a strong hug. Little touches such as fresh flowers and even a tasty little chocolate on the pillow will shout “welcome” to your guests. We surely want our guests to be as homely as possible. Providing comfortable sleep accommodations is necessary in ensuring your guest a good night’s rest.  Regardless of where your guest will sleep, the most important issue will be privacy.   Don`t forget to change the bedding to fresh ones. Impress them with their favorite colors. Open the windows to let fresh air and sunshine in. Cleanliness is most important when preparing for your guests.  Be sure to dust furniture and check corners for sneaky little cobwebs.  A good overall cleaning will give this space a warm and comfortable feeling. Also you should have two full baths at home, secure one for use of the guests only. Fresh towels and shower curtain for their use should be placed/hanged before their arrival. There are some guests who are allergic to certain types of soap. To be safe, buy non-allergenic items ahead of time. Plan the menu a week before your guest arrives and inquire if there are any diet restrictions or allergies. Keep things as simple as possible.  Pastry and coffee for breakfast, chicken salad you prepared the day before and a nice dinner will...
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