The key Components of a healthy and safe home based enviroment

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Assessment Task 5


As a home based child minder it is vital to understand the key components of a healthy and safe home environment as these are set out as requirements of the registering body in the U.K - OFSTED. The Ofsted publication ‘Statutory Framework for the Early Years Foundation Stage’ clearly outlines the specific areas for The safeguarding and Welfare Requirements. These areas can be clearly defined under the following specific references when referring to this publication.

Staff Qualifications: First Aid
Health: Medicines
Food & Drink
Accident or Injury
Safety and suitability of Premises, Environment & Equipment
Risk Assessment
Information & Records.

In the case of home based childcare the following areas would be determined to be the key components of a healthy and safe home environment:

1) Hygiene & Waste Disposal – minimizing the spread of infection

The following areas will need to be considered when adopting good practice;

Good personal hygiene – for self (role model) and others.
Clean and disinfect floors, equipment and toys regularly
Make sure you have good ventilation to prevent spread of infection Highchairs and changing mats need to be cleaned at every use Indoor rubbish bins need to be kept covered and emptied daily – clean and disinfect Domestic pets and other animals should not be allowed in the kitchen Keep bathroom floors clean and remember damp towels and face cloths can breed germs (it is a good idea for each child to have their own which are washed and dried frequently) Use liquid soap in preference to bars of soap that can stay wet and breed germs (remember to clean soap dispenser) Keep the toilet clean – children should be taught to flush and put tissue down the toilet carefully (the handle is a source of potential infection so clean this, the seat and the inside and outside of the bowl daily) Wear disposable gloves when dealing with...
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