Principles of safe supervision of children in the home based setting and off site

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Assessment task 5


As a home based child-minder the safe supervision of children both in and out of the home is ultimately my complete and main responsibility. When considering the level of supervision required it is important to remember that ’supervision’ can be interpreted into 3 different level types- I.e. the depth of supervision that you adapt, and that safety requirements outlined by Ofsted determines supervision to be adapted at all times of children in my care primarily in the following activity areas;

Arrivals and departures
Taking children to and from school/playgroup and pre-school
Meal and snack times
Sleep and rest
Play and activities
Off site visits - field trips
Outdoor activities
Homework and evening activities for school age children.

Hence the areas to consider when supervising these activities will apply; Inside the home, Outside in the garden, Out and about, In the car, Using public transport and walking outside. The three main levels of supervision are outlined below and obviously the level that is required at any one time will depend on the individual child/activity and where you are (indoors/outdoors)


This is when you are watching a child all of the time, perhaps when you are in close contact with them and there is a high element of accident or danger such as when they are using scissors or a knife to cut some fruit and also activities that are new to children such as ; • Cooking experiences

• Water Play (adult participation)
• Programmed activities where resources in use may require an adult’s assistance to achieve an outcome or ensure appropriate behavior by the participant.


Close supervision would be watching a child most of the time but not actually being involved in the activity such as when they are on a climbing frame or in a paddling pool, I.e. You...
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