The Role and Scope of Professional Event Coordination

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The role and scope of professional Event coordination

Events types:

1- Business & Corporate events.
2- Cause related and Fundraising event
3- Exhibitions, exposition and fairs
4- Entertainment and leisure Events
5- Festival
6- Government and civic events
7- Marketing events
8- Meeting and convention events
9- Social/life-cycle events
10- Sports events

The functional domains that provide systematic and comprehensive approach to the responsibilities and opportunities associated with professional event coordination:

* Administration
* Design
* Marketing
* Operations
* Risk

The professional coordinator uses a sequential system to consistently produce event of any genre or scope that deliver the intended event experiences:

1- Conduct the necessary research to determine expectations and create a customer profile of the event attendees or participants 2- Conceptualize the event, assessing the scope of the event required to meet expectations. 3- Determine which event elements and components will provide the features of the desired experience. 4- Visualize how all these event components will and must fit together, and design the strategy for implementation. 5- Select the best products and providers that are available and affordable 6- Monitor the delivery of the experience.

Develop the concept: it is important to recognize that the entire event must be envisioned and implemented in your head, and on paper, before the first step is taken.

Deliver the dream

Professional event coordinator must incorporate six dimensions into a cohesive whole:

1- Anticipation / announcement- advertising- invitations - email – flyers - posters 2- Arrival / decoration – entertainment – ground transportation – meet and greet – directional signs .. 3- Atmosphere / venue - audiovisual equipment – dance floor – flowers – potable water – tables and chairs .. 4- Activity /...
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