The Role and Responsibilities of Gla and Mayor

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Running Head: GLA AND MAYOR

The Role and Responsibilities of GLA and Mayor
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The Role and Responsibilities of GLA and Mayor


The paper has comprehensive information on the mayor of London and the Great London authority and the environmental development plan and measures undertaken by the Great London Authority and the Mayor. It also discusses the role and responsibilities of GLA and Mayor, the sustainability policies and the reaction of the students and public towards these measures. The environmental policies are focused in the paper.

Great London Authority
This is the Greater London has been formed the London area in 1994. A referendum in 1998 showed the people's will to maintain a district authority. The Greater London Authority, the London Assembly and the office of Mayor of London were established in the year 2000 by the (GLA) Greater London Authority Act of 1999. Elections in the year 2000 and 2004 elected Ken Livingstone, who was head of the former Council. District boundaries of the Metropolitan Police have been adjusted to that of Greater London in 2000. The Greater London Authority (GLA) is the governing body of the entire urban area of London, England. It consists of an executive Mayor of London elected directly, currently Boris Johnson, and a London Assembly elected 25 members with powers of scrutiny. Role and Responsibilities of GLA and Mayor


The GLA was created to improve coordination between the districts of the city and the role of the mayor, to give a sole representative in London. The mayor proposes a policy and administers the finances of the GLA, relying to the city's strategic bodies for transport (Transport for London) and Economic Development (London Development Agency ).

One of the first aims of the London Assembly is to ensure that the mayor and vote on its decisions, how to vote the annual budget of the Authority (Greater London Council, 2001, p. 64-80).

The GLA is distinct from the Corporation of the City of London, with its ceremonial Lord Mayor, who controls only the square mile of the City and which keeps its functions since the middle Ages, controlled by economic interests.

The GLA does not directly provide any services. His work is done instead of four functional bodies, placed under the umbrella of the GLA, and working on the recommendation of the mayor and the assembly. These functional elements are: Transport for London (TfL) is responsible for the management of many aspects of London's transport system, including public transport, highways, traffic management and administration of the London congestion charge.

Metropolitan Police Authorities that is responsible for the supervision of the Metropolitan Police Service, which provides public safety throughout Greater London. London Fire and Emergency Planning Authority administer the London Fire Brigade and coordinates emergency planning. London Development Agency promotes the development of London.


The role of Mayor in London is significant and has strategic authorities for London. He promotes economic development creation of wealth, sociological stability, and mostly environmental development and policies. He is also responsible for the country’s tourism industry. He is working for the Olympics tourism and games development. The Mayor has domestic responsibilities including development, healthcare equalities; and focus on environmental issues. For the environmental issues he is working for the waste management, air pollution, water sector and other environmental issues. Legal representative of the municipality formulating institutional policies, adopting plans, programs and projects so as to take forward its program of government and its development plan and direct the administration for the municipality to properly fulfill its constitutional...
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