The Revolutionary Nintendo 64

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Nintendo 64 Awesomeness
Apart from being so old that it’s primarily just a source of nostalgia these days, the Nintendo 64 is still amazing. It was really revolutionary in its time, and still influences games to this day. The Nintendo 64 was actually originally intended to be called the Ultra 64. Due to the fact that Nintendo wanted to keep the line of game systems titles continuous from the Nintendo Entertainment System, and then the ‘Super’ Nintendo Entertainment System, Ultra would have been next. They decided against this in the end, however, and settled for Nintendo. The 64 part came from the fact that this was the first system to use a 64 bit gaming system. While everybody accepts this fact, it was debated over by Atari, who claimed that their Jaguar system used 64 bit programming. While it did have some 64 bit programming, it was only in certain aspects of the game and not available game. In comparison, the current X-box 360’s have 128 bits. So the Nintendo 64 has half of the bits that the most advanced gaming systems today have. To account for the huge difference in the qualities of these systems, the difference is the graphics processing power. The Nintendo 64 runs at 62.5 mhz., while the X-box 360 runs at 500 mhz. So running the Nintendo 64 at 500 mhz. would have graphics half as good as any current gaming system. Considering that the Nintendo 64 was made in 1996 and the 360 was made in 2005, this proves how innovative and advanced the Nintendo 64 really was and is.

The market for the Nintendo 64 is the same as it was when it was first released- generally males around the age of ten to thirty. That being said, owning a Nintendo 64 has the same meaning now as it did then. It means that if you own one, you are instantly the coolest guy in town. The reason for this is simple-the games made for it were awesome, and people can still get a new experience out of them this far into the system’s life. The games that have sold the most for this generation...
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