Swot Analysis for Nintendo

Topics: Nintendo, Video game console, Wii Pages: 4 (1415 words) Published: September 16, 2010
Company overview
Nintendo is a Japanese based corporation founded in 1989. It’s original purpose was producing handmade hanafuda cards. After failed attempts at changing the direction of the company, it found success in the interactive entertainment systems and software industry. It changed its name from Nintendo Playing Card Company to Nintendo Company, Ltd. in 1963. Since then, Nintendo Co. has been creating video games and gaming systems that have become tops in their respective categories. In the early 1980’s, Donkey Kong was introduced to the markets and became an instant classic. This was followed a couple years later with Super Mario Brothers and Legend of Zelda. All three of these games are recognizable by most people. After these games were introduced on Nintendo’s original game system, Nintendo introduced an upgraded version of their original gaming system and called it Super Nintendo. This 16-bit console enjoyed instant success in both the Japan and American markets. Five years later another upgrade was introduced called Nintendo 64. Since then, Nintendo has introduced Nintendo Gamecube and Nintendo Wii. Both systems, along with the previous consoles, have enjoyed much success along with the software (games) that they also create. Today, Nintendo is still enjoying an increase in sales with their Nintendo Wii console and games. Although Nintendo only works in the Video Games industry, the company is also the majority owner of the Seattle Mariners in Major League Baseball as well as a partial owner of the Atlanta Hawks in the NBA.

The SWOT analysis of Nintendo
According to Datamonitor’s company profile on Nintendo, published on September 17, 2007, Nintendo has four main strengths: A strong brand name, high returns, high employee efficiency, and debt free status. ‘ Nintendo’s strong brand name comes from about twenty-five years experience in the video gaming business. Not only do they have a strong presence in the console market but they...
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