The Real Eve

Topics: Ultraviolet, Africa, DNA Pages: 3 (784 words) Published: November 28, 2005
The Real Eve

The Real Eve dealt with how we all originated from the same biological mother. Such an extraordinary and interesting concept has made some people question and wonder about this. In order to eliminate any doubts, there is a method in which we can verify this statement and discover where exactly our ancestors traveled. The method used to accomplish is called genetic engineering. You see, genetic engineering enables us to mutating mitochondria DNA located within our body. This discovery was first established by Professor Kahn. The information gathered by her ways lead us through a journey that few were ever even aware of taking place.

This journey evidently first took place approximately 150,000 years ago when the first Ice Age took place. Eve was considered to have been part of a group that lived in Africa. At that time, Africa was experiencing a period of drought due to the Ice Age. Therefore, this caused everyone to move to a different location and adapt to a new environment in order to survive. These groups would divide up and travel different routes but mostly along the coastline. The beginning of their journey truly showed that they would have to endure a great deal.

If these people were to survive, they would have to find alternative sources for food. Their journey along the shores gave them the opportunity to strengthen their hunting skills. A few signs of these skills can be found in coral reefs along the coastline. For example, there have been many scientists that have found seashells embedded into the reefs. These shells were already opened and removed of all meat. They would continue to feed on shells and fish until their food supply became consumed. These restrictions caused some people to even die of hunger. As a result, the world population was at one point ten thousand and we were in fact an endangered species. It wasn't until we moved onwards to a new place when our chances for survival became better....
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