The Real Education

Topics: School, Teacher, High school Pages: 2 (727 words) Published: March 29, 2007
What comes to mind when you hear the word, EDUCATION? Do you cringe, and the hairs on your arms stand up? Boring teachers, and books that never end sound familiar? Well education isn't just the standard in-school learning. Education takes many different forms: there is the traditional book smarts, street knowledge, and knowledge that is geared towards a trade like plumbing. The problem today is that everybody feels the obligation to get "education" in college, which is not the only avenue you can take; there are a series of other streets and roads to take you to the driveway of success.

Since when was education based sorely on school. In years before, just hard work and learning a trade can make you money. You see education is often misperceived, it is thought that in order to make a "little green" in your life, years of studying books is necessary ,however, there have been many people who haven't continued education that have been successes. John Macaroni is the epitome of hard work. This man graduated high school with a c-average but he still managed to pick up machine tool as a trade and he is now owner of Macaroni Tooling in Hartford, CT. He found other options of education. Our country was founded on trades. Trades today are really starting to be a lost art because people believe that a job doing plumbing is for low lives. Everybody wants to be the successful lawyer, or the doctor who saves everybody lives! People need to strongly consider following another road of education.

Just as a trade is another venue of education, so is, street knowledge commonly known as street smarts. Street smarts are an acquired knowledge. It's not a trait that you are born with. It comes with experience. Possessing this type of education becomes and extreme advantage over many people. Knowing what people like, what people complain about, how to talk to people, are all positive attributes to have. Street smarts can also protect you in conditions that you not used to. For...
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