Money vs. Attitude

Topics: Education, School, Student Pages: 2 (627 words) Published: December 4, 2006
Many students of today have different attitudes towards education based on money. Many students have to pay for their schooling, while many do not. Students that have to work to finance their own education will succeed over those who have their education handed to them. Having to work in order to learn is very difficult to do and will teach the student to respect and appreciate the education that he or she is pursuing. The attitudes of those who have education handed to them most definitely contradict those who don't, which places an entirely different perspective on the education system for each type of person.

First of all, as a student who pays for the education I receive, I fully recognize the differences between the people that pay for education, and the people that don't. A student that pays for the education will most definitely have their priorities straight. The first thing the student would focus on would be the education, and next would come their job and other priorities. Many students come out of high school with their priorities way out of order. This affects the student drastically when it comes to the education they are receiving. Most of the time students come out of high school ready to have a good time. A student spending their own money in order to learn will nine times out of ten have their priorities together in order to make sure that they are successful in their schooling.

Second of all, responsibility plays a key factor in receiving an education as well. A student with responsibility, a student that pays for the education, would be able to comply with the required standards needed to succeed in the college world because of the effort they put forth to receive it. Although a student may have their time consumed by work and class, with responsibility and dedication they will be able to complete everything they are assigned. Having your priorities straight is also a part of having responsibility. A students' attitude may be...
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