The Prospect of Hybrid Wind System in Bangladesh

Topics: Wind power, Wind, Renewable energy Pages: 4 (873 words) Published: August 16, 2010
Abstract - In future, renewable energy like solar,
wind, wave and tidal could be utilized in some areas
of Bangladesh. The geographical location of
Bangladesh is ideal for tapping solar energy
effectively. There is also enormous potential for
harnessing electrical power from wind in some
selected areas of the country and in the coastal region.
In this paper possibility of wind-solar hybrid system
has been studied. There is a possibility of a total of
100 MW hybrid power generation in coastal areas.
After a preliminary survey supported by measured
field data of wind velocities and solar radiation all
over the country, two specific sites Patenga and
Thakurgaon have been primarily identified where
more than 100 kW wind-solar hybrid power
generations is possible.
Keywords: Wind energy, hybrid system
Bangladesh is a developing country lying in the
areas where the expansion of national grid is very
This study finds that Patenga and Thakurgaon are
the two most promising sites of wind-solar hybrid
system. Patenga is a rural area near Anowara thana in
the district of Chittagong, the gateway of Bangladesh.
The western side of Patenga is surrounded by the Bay
of Bengal. The site consists of five villages. The total
population [1] is around 5,000. Thakurgaon is a
district situated near the northern boundary of
Bangladesh with a population 1,010,948 of which
916,442 (i.e. 90.65%) are rural inhabitants. Only
8.26% of the total households have access to
electricity, which is principally generated by the 10.5
MW diesel generator [3].
Wind energy is the kinetic energy of the moving
air mass. The power, P, in watts, possessed by wind
blowing with a velocity of V, in meters per second, is
northeastern part of South Asia and is situated
between 20 30´ to 26 38´ north latitude and 88 04´
to 92 44´ east longitude. The vast Bay of Bengal on
the south of the country along with the V
coastal belt is the...
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