Midterm Sustainability Of Remote Areas

Topics: Wind power, Renewable energy, Energy Pages: 9 (383 words) Published: March 21, 2015
Sustainability of remote
EIT – Energy challenge for sustainable future
Group 5

 Our project is about providing electricity and other
basic needs to remote area of our chose and make
that area sustainable.
 We are choosing an area that is in worst position and
needs help but also has a potential to produce needed
energy from renewable sources.

We choose Democratic Republic of
Congo (DR Congo)

 Their share of population without electricity is > 75%.
 Talking numbers that is about 60 millions of people.
 They have a lot of potential resources that are not
used (Huge hydro-power potential, a lot of sunny
days, geothermal energy, biofuels production).
 A country is rich in remote areas that are not
connected to main power grid and forced to produce
energy by themselves or stay in the medieval era.

We are researching
 Potential renewable energy sources to exploit.
 Possibility to make efficient power distribution grid.
 Electrification of remote areas that are far away from
main grid.
 Water and basic food supply for remote areas.
 Efficient transport that uses renewable fuels
 Political factors that affects the country in this moment  Implementation costs

In order to…
 Produce enough electricity for whole country and
satisfy needs for energy.
 Replace non-renewable power sources with renewable
 Make it possible for people to have access to most
needed supplies like drinkable water and food.
 Provide the country with more energy that can be sold
to other countries to improve the economical

We have found
 That DR Congo has plenty of unused hydro-power and
that by building only one huge dam they should be
able to supply half of Africa with electricity.
 They also have plenty of sunny days during the year
and solar power can be used to generate electricity in
remote areas away from rivers and main power grid.
 That South Africa is willing to invest in DR Congo
power plants so they could buy electricity from them

And we hope…
 That the political situation in DR Congo (multiple civil wars) will not last forever.
 That providing people with needed resources and
electricity will make them live better and think less
about fighting.
 That increased availability of electric energy will allow people to use modern technology and improve their
education and health system.

Happy End

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