The Process of Serving Tables

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The Process of Serving Tables
The job of a server is more difficult than most people think. Many Americans love to dine at restaurants whether it’s to celebrate a special occasion, or just to save them the trouble of cooking dinner at home. Waiting tables is an art form requiring skill, mental focus, charm and smarts. I have been a server at Fats Asia Bistro for about four years now and consistently notice many of my guests lack the understanding of my profession. This can result in mediocre tips or frustrated guests. The process of being a server has more to it than most people think. There are many steps, however, the four most important are:

Timing is one of the most steps to be a great server. Servers have a major effect on the success or failure of an evening by getting the timing right or wrong. Many people want a gap between courses, but it has to be just right or my guests might feel hurried or drawn out. It is important not to slow things down too much towards the end of the meal. If you do, it can push guests away from ordering desert or a cup of coffee after their meal. They will most likely just want their check, and not want to sit around waiting forever for a dessert to come out. Getting timing right can be difficult because there are many variable that can cause food or drinks to come out at unpredictable times. The kitchen or bar may be very busy which can cause food and drinks to come out later than usual. My guests often do not understand this and may get frustrated their food or drinks are taking a long time.

Efficiency is another important step to pleasing guests. The fewer trips you have to take to get out drinks, appetizers, entrees, and deserts greatly improve the tip. The more efficient I am, the more tables I am able to please at the same time. On a busy night I will get slammed if I am making a trip to get a drink for one table, while the table right next to them is waiting for their drink. It is important to bring out as much...
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