Olive Garden Serving Process

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Executive Summary

Olive Garden is committed to providing every guest with a genuine Italian dining experience and make the guest feel like they are family; in Italian it is called Hospitaliano! In an effort to have competitive advantage over other chain restaurants, Olive Garden emphasizes comprehensive employee trainings in order to provide their customers the best service possible. But even though employees have gone through training, there are some issues that would need to be fixed in order to have 100% customer satisfaction. The issues we have identified for Olive Garden Restaurants are the hostess system, reservations, running of the food, and inputting the order. The hostess system will be implemented by working with the IT department to change the system. The second issue is with the reservations; we suggest taking reservations for a party of five or more and will be placed on top of the list once they arrive to the restaurant instead of having to wait. The third issue is the running of the food; we plan on hiring additional workers who are dedicated to run the food. And the final issue is inputting the guests order, we suggest additional training for the employees or an additional “cheat sheet” stating the times each entrée needs in order to be prepared.

This report is an application-oriented project and will support the restaurant industry in particular the operations for Olive Garden Restaurants. Olive Garden is the leading Italian restaurant in the dining segment with more than 750 restaurants and more than 88,000 employees. Olive Garden is a member of the Darden family of restaurants, the world's largest full-service restaurant company. Darden Restaurants, with headquarters in Orlando, Florida, operates in the full-service dining segment of the restaurant industry, mainly in the United States. Darden Restaurants, a publicly traded company also owns other restaurants such as Red Lobster, Bahama Breeze and LongHorn Steakhouse. Olive Garden is one of the most successful family dining restaurants. The key to their success has been the continual investments in maintaining a strong brand image. Olive Garden is also committed to making a difference in the lives of others in the local community. Olive Garden brings the virtual genuine Italian dining experience, with goals aiming to provide casual dining with inexpensive prices. In an effort to have competitive advantage over other chain restaurants, Olive Garden emphasizes comprehensive employee trainings in order to provide their customers the best service possible. A well thought out serving process along with highly trained servers are crucial in making this feat possible. As guests walk through the doors of Olive Garden and place their names on the waiting list, they are greeted by a host. The host then uses a computer system that generates the next available table arrangements for the guests. Then guests are seated at their table and are greeted by their individual server within the next 60 seconds. The server then introduces himself/herself to the guests, and, also introduces their service partner. The knowledgeable server would start by providing suggestions on their favorite appetizers and beverage choices. Following the suggestion, the server would then proceed to take the guests’ appetizer and beverage orders by inputting them into the computer. The server would then provide the guests with their drinks and ask them if they would like additional soup or salad, which comes with unlimited refills. During this time, the server would complete the order by taking the guests’ entrée orders. When inputting the entrée orders, servers have to decide whether or not they need to hold the entrée, and if so, how long would they need to hold it in order to ensure that the guests does not receive their food order sporadically. If soup or salad is ordered, the server would start by bringing out the guests’ their soup or salad. After bringing out the soup,...
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